Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Results are in.....

I AM NOT CRAZY YET!!!..............We recently aquired some death insurance...They came out and drew our blood and YEA we dont have any funky diseases... lol but we do according to them have high Colesterol..No one told us to fast before this test. We have just eaten breakfast two hours before which were eggs,sausage with toast..Hello our colesterol is going to be high! But anyways we are healthy as we know it! on to other business...I am just going to type some random thoughts today.
My kids..How much I love them and only want what is best for them.
My husband and how he worries about this trucking .How I beleieve him to be a wonderful dreamer!
Angie how she was doing so well at school and yesterday she threatens her teacher ..but she is still doing so much better than she was when I wasnt around.
I am truly concerned for my nieces and nephew..I was to cry out !They do not deserve what has been handed to them..They are just kids.
How do you get cranberry in hemp lotion? lol
Sometimes I feel overused and underated!
The house is clean and I should be making curtians not blogging.
I can also be doing laundry a never ending job...
how come no matter how much you try to forgive and forget you never really can?
I hope my brother can handle what he is about to take on and stand up and walk right!
My mind works all of the time ,but sometimes my body is just to tired to handle it all!!
Coffee gave me the jitters this morning..I miss my friends ..Especially Albert, Sammy and hope ..I miss my youth when I was 14-16...Great now I have drove myself into crying I do so dislike when I do that ..Austa la vista BABA

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