Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Crap

I was really trying to have the heart God wants me too and taking advice.

To set the record straight that way when all comes around Kayla can not say we didnt try to be involved with her . More with her than they are with Angie...

I have been texting /talking to her about coming to see us since December 06.. Well she had told us numerous times that she would be coming .Just to let EVERYONE know we really want her to be a part of our lifes. She is the missing Bearden

We have been trying to help kayla out with clothes , moral support and such.Been telling her have a good day, we love her amd miss her.We did things for her that her mom didnt time to do or would not do so says she... We have texted maybe Six major times and all were when she wanted something only twice when she just wanted to talk. I just listened gave advice and told her that her mom was right for the way she was doing things . She needed to listen to her mom becuase she was right. I never bad mouthed her mom to her at all. I still wont to her! I bet she does about us to Kayla! I asked Kayla to take that stuff about her dad being a JURK off her myspace. She can keep the stuff about the mom and brother, but she doesnt know the story . If it was all so fatastic why did she move to her moms? She has a Sister here that she never talks to but holidays and birthdays,A Step sister she was raised around, A half sister and half brother. So yes it is slightly offensive..but it is her Choice! THis is my blog!

She had been 'seeing' this guy who is 19 and in the Marines. She texts me last week to say she doesnt want us to buy her anything for christmas but would I please please buy this guy Micheal a weeding band off of ebay. I say what does your mom think of this 'my mom would freak out' . so we start talking about if they are getting married or engaged she said no ..but we are not up there around her to know the truth(she has been lying to us constantly) I talk to her dad and he says we will not be any part of this..I tell her and all of the sudden she is mad . I tell her I dont like being to go to gal she texts everytime she wants us to buy something. Well that set her off as to then she is not ever talk to us again..I Texted her mom to make sure she knew what kayla was up too. Which I was told by her mom that not to encourage the relationship she was trying to discourage..Hellooooo anyone know me well enough to know I WASNT ! I was discouraing her from the time I found out..But her mom let her go to the prom with him being that much older than her amoung other things ....SHE SHOULD HAVE DISCOURAGED IT FROM THE BEGINNING! Kayla invited us to her choir concert a couple of weeks ago..I figured she was over the ring. I asked her today when her choir concert was so we could check the calendars to see if we could attend...'I don't want u to come anymore bye' I say'just becasue I told you to quit texting only when you want us to buy something? I am not going to kiss your hiney, you have broken alot of promises to us,I will tell dad bye' She says'Whatever stop the bullshitim not stupid or six years old ! I havent broken any promises!! The thing on myspace is for stacie nd austin and amanda ' 'I wont take it off it doesnt say anything bad' I say 'Kayla do what you want I dont care about that anymore. what about the times you say your coming alomost every holiday and then find something else to do..if your not six then do act it! and dont cuss at me little girl!! if you do them just dont talk to me anymore...your dad didnt break him and stacie up she did ..get the full story before you point fingers. i am not going to fight with you like I said they are more important to you. when you want a relationship with us we will be here! 'She says'FUCK YALL BOTH' I tell her 'Its what you wanted in the first place, we love you have a good day' she'Leave me the fuck alone!!! I dont wanna hear that Bullshit anymore! Go the fuck away' I say Gone honey dont text me either please I dont have to hear it either . you dont like the truth abd you would be s far grounded if you were around me your disrepectful but your mom lets you so she has to deal with that dont text me again unless you NEED something.'

I know i was wrong in some aspects but I am not going to put up with that or kiss a 15 yo butt. I have never done it ! that really makes me appreciate my girls more and more becuase they WOULD NEVER talk to me like that becuase they didnt get their way. I was hoping to go to her concert if it was close enough to Christmas let angie stay and they could bring her home.. But I am at the point to where I dont want to do any favors !

I am just ranting , but I will not stand for that action that is why she doesnt come here she knows I will not!! When she is ready to respect and move on then we are here ! We love her and constantly worry about her! God knows she doesnt have any real parental supervision.

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queen of everything said...

i'm sorry that she has been allowed by her mother to become such a tyrant. we'll be keeping you guys in our prayers