Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Choir, Christmas spirit and ruby red slippers

My family will be having their Christmas here on the 21st..I am totally excited! I have a turkey/ham.I am needing help with some cool new ideas for appetizers and such! I love cooking for my family...It makes me feel needed. That is alot of the reason we eat at home more than we dont..Christmas was not my favorite time for a few years..but now it is like a flashing set of bulbs went off around me !My husband is actually going to hang lights for me?? EEKKKK! with excitement! I actually have ruby red shoes, christmas earrings and ready for the holiday! I am not going to let anyone damper my cheerful spirit! So any suggestions for anything would be appreciated!
So we will have turkey and ham with the fixin's. The normal Pies and such....I want Michelle's Cherry PIE! HELP
Last night we went to Abbi-girls choir concert! I can tone others out and just hear her sing..her choir teacher wants her to try out for varsity choir next year,but I dont know. Abbi is really really shy. She has this coping mechanism of giggling when she is She starts giggling last night on stage! Choir teacher was upset I am sure. Abbi is a giggle box! she really cant help it, but we explained she has to bite her lip sometimes... It was fabulous except we sat there for alomost 3 hours to hear her sing in two songs? I was disappointed that I didnt get to hear the Soprano come out of her for the high notes in the last song..because she has been an alto and just recently been promoted! We could however hear her giggling lol well off to begin my day of taxi mom! Feliz Navida

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