Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jesus,Gifts and plenty of visting!

Happy Birthday Time to Jesus!!
He is so magnificant for what he has done for us and I love him for it! Thank you for coming to this earth .
This Christmas was so amazing! I was crying becuase it was almost over..this year has been very emotional. Alot of different things have gone on in the past year..Some good some not so good..but never anything more than we can handle.
I could finally get my kids exactly what they asked us for Christmas. I was so done with shopping by the 3rd..And then I kept shopping! The kids had an AMAZING Christmas!Christian and Abbi wanted Ipods,Angie wanted a Dora Mermaid doll, Lyman a Nintendo DS and Big Lyman well he got a new Hitachi Portable drill.I truly love giving! My Brothers and Sister came down! I got to see my nieces and nephews and give them little surprises . My mom, Me and angie made some sugar cookies for Santa last night. It was a ton of fun!!! My kids gave me presents which they bought with money people gave them for sweet is that?I got a Lotion,dream catcher ,little glass timbles,an address book,some cool socks that soothe my feetsies! My husband Bought me a new can opener an under the cabinet one and a HUGE griddle.
I told all my friends and Family Merry Christmas ..I found out some good and bad news...
My friends David and Vicki are having a BABY girl!!
My oldest friend in the world Charity ..Her grandma died monday ! I have many memories of her and her grandparents..She will be greatly missed! Charity has always and will always be my bestest friend in the world!
Lyman talked with Barriett and Ray.They are all doing well and had a great Christmas!
Ang's mom didnt even try to call her.We texted kayla a couple times to tell her Merry Christmas and We loved her.
I am still saddend by the end of the holidays...But a new year does Cometh!
This will be our 16th New Years ..Even when we were apart I know we still loved each other and I know He thought as much about me and I did him. God is wonderful for second chances!! He knows just what we need! I needed and still need my husband! Anyhow a New year brings new goals...I am thinking serously about that going back to school thing and I think Lyman is going to try to do some online courses! We will see ! PRAISE GOD for JESUS ! MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS ! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!

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