Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today was Productive as usual! I love it when it is cold out side (sometimes but not always)..I have an excuse to use my Culinary skills! If you can call them that.

I made some Bearden Hot "cha cha" tea today . It goes really well sitting by the fire snuggling with your family. Most people call it red hot tea..But as we all know I am different as I should be lol

I also made some Hot Cocoa-MO , Yummy yummy...made for a great after school re-warming drink for the Icicle Yard apes .

I was doing all this after I put on a nice big ol pot of my chili per my husbands request...It was smelling nice all the day long! The little baby cornbread loaves will be tasting with the chili!

Other notes and things going on in our lifes...Christian just got done with a big BB tourny. They did really really well..Expectations to be District champs. Abbi and Lyman have been having choir concerts and more to come this week....Yea Abbi made it through her concert without laughing..Her voice was very pretty! Angie went on a field trip to the omni plex to see polar express she saiys she had a BLAST! Things are going well just busy times as always..My husband is a great handyman and fixing everything on my huney-do list!! SOmetimes I wonder how I can stay so busy without collasping..but I JUST DO!

PLease continue praying for my family .. We are always in need of good prayer! Thanks and Have a Blessed Day tomorrow !

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