Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life after Death

Today , I am going to be blogging about what I would like to happen when I die.
I will be with the almighty God! I love/loved my life!! My family! Just a few odds and ends that need taken care of....

1)Cremation is the way to roll.
2)Know that I LOVE/loved Lyman Bearden everyday of my life and forever more!!
3)Make sure that my kids are taken care of and dont let them fall astray from God or one another.
4) Pay off bills,Buy them a House So they will ALWAYS have a place to call home.
5)Build a little flower/garden for my ashes.
6) Dont Worry be Happy!! It is a beautiful day!! NO SAD SONGS !!
7) No BLACK ..because I loved all colors and Black just isnt a favorite of mine.
8)Let my MOM and DAD, Brothers and Sister Know they were so special to me and I loved them all very very much!
9) I like sunflowers!
10) Remember to LIVE ,because even after death there is life!

What I have becomes my childrens..for they are my legacy! If I do say so myself ...It is an awesome one! They are mighty people!

Might seem morbid to some ,but I have some weight lifted off my shoulders!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Imitation is the Best form of flattery!

Learning the concept of imitation is the best form of flattery:

This is a picture of my girls and myself. The mouse in front would be Ms. Angie Pangie, smiles in the purple is Ms. Abbi DOO and the frowning fancy will be Ms.Princess LALA. When I grow up .. I wanna be like these girls. Their personalities are all so much different ,but when put together they make perfect harmony. They all have a little piece of my personality which flatters my soul to know that even when we think we do not make a difference or have an effect on this world,I look at these girls . My son is missing in this picture,but I can tell you these children are my form of flattery! I love them dearly!!!