Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spastic colon...

Okay you opened it read it! lol

The blessings I have in my life are phenominal in everyway! How can we compare the small with the big ? We cant ! A blessing is a blessing!!!
My Life is a blessing
My magnificent Husband Lyman is a blessing
My Christian,Angie, Abbi and Lyman are blessings
My brothers and sister is a blessing
my MOM and Dad are a blessing
Everyone that I come in contact with is a blessing !
My cleans Sheets are a blessing
All around me are people being blessed which is a blessing!
Just to name a few of mine your turn?!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorry If I can....

Lets see..I recently humiliated myself..

I asked my "real" father for help in a matter that I need dire help with. Mind you I have never asked this man for anthing except to care about me and my brothers. This matter is very important and I needed him to step up . Without a doubt I recieved the response I was expecting!!! "I am sorry I cant help...but if I can help any other way let me know!" Brought back all those feelings of being dirt under someones feet.

This man was one of those deadbeat dads! We never ever relied on him for anything nor has he ever offered us anything. Mistakes were made to where I tried to have him in my life ..he gave me away at my first marriage which he shouldnt have even been invited. my highschool graduation..I was a terrible person for what I did to my real dad Robbin! It took me until I was 30 to actually realize who my dad is! I regret Even asking EDDIE HUMPHREY for any assistance..becuase to no avail he let me down one last time in my life . I am done with that chapter!
This man doesnt even know us or his grandkids ..His loss really! Good bye I hope that someday you will realize what good people We are and how much you missed out on and are missing out on!

Now I weep!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beautiful life thingies...

I love my Husband..he is my best friend
I love my kids ..they are wonderful and very loving!
Creme Bruele!!!!!
the colors I see around me
Children laughing
the sound of my husband breathing
My favorite blanket
angies green hat
Dr. Suess
Gardening and Chickens following me around
Candles Glowing
The smell of apple pie and beans cooking
Just a few of my favorite things!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let Me think about this...

Truly at my wits end...

I do however usually post or blog about the drama in my life . Lets start from the beginning..
Kayla is my step daughter from Lyman . She does not live with us becuase when she was 13 she moved with her Mom.Well Kayla is now 16. We have been trying to be involved in her life Read earliar blogs.
Kayla has recently moved out of her moms house and was staying with a friend. I talked to her aunt to get her to check on kayla and get her to go stay with the aunt. They the aunt and kayla started harping on us that we needed to give the aunt (whose maturity level is about a 18 yo)gaurdianship of her. We said no that isnt the thing to do. We dont trust the aunt enough to give her custody. Since kaylas Dad told her he wasnt doing that she has been very ugly about everything. he did tell her he would help her other ways but that wasnt good enough. She goes around telling everyone that he abandoned her and malarky...
Well her and her aunt call threatning us with lawyers and they are suing us for custody. I say go ahead we need your lawyers name so we can have our lawyers contacts your..their lie! Well first rattle out of the box her Aunt is already stressed out..kayla is going and still doing whatever she wants. She calls me all stressed out . I ask her if she wants us to come get her several times? no. I call her mom asking her what we can do to help . We decided that a boot camp or girls camp would be a good place for a few months. So kaylas aunt calls threatning again..I tell her we will come get her again and we can have her put to a girls home for a few weeks. So kayla gets wind of that and she calls me cussing me up one side back down the other .
I tell them both we dont cuss and not to call and threaten. Her mom has her phone cut off becuase she was trying to make things a little harder on kayla but she was undermind by the aunt ..Kayla and Angies grandad went into the hospital So was putting Pray for the grandad and kayla in my status on myspace and facebook. Well kayla didnt like that so she called me from her new number cussing me again and telling me not to act like I care about anyone in her family. Then came the texts..I was texting her everyday once a day to tell her we loved her and god loves her if she needed anything . Then I get a text and phone call telling me not to contact her again or she was filing Harassment on me . I told her go for it . I texted her one other time and she told me she was serious and I talked to the aunt about it. The aunt say yes she is becuase she talked with a officer about it I live next door too. Since then I havent texted her not once! BUT Kayla can call to cuss me or text me whenever she wants but if I reciprocate a text or call she is suiOh needless to ng me , filing harrassment and going to have my kids taken away.(what she says)
I was looking on her myspace and seen a pic of a tat...SHE GOT WHEN SHE WAS 14 along with her tongue peircing! Talking about how Kaylas mom hasnt been in her life for a long time and she was missing out on alot ..that brought me to the point of you know they ALL knew this was going on long before Kayla moved out of her moms house. NOT one cared then! Brings me to the point I brought up yesterday...Not one person has even really tried to be involved in angies life or they would be and I was blunt about it. They have our number, address, email! I told her aunt that they al need to make the calls and care about angie. Low and behold I get those threatning phone calls from kayla again, she doesnt realize her threats are petty. My kids cant be taken from me , they can tell the courts anything they want to know. They cant throw us in jail. Becuase i told the truth and it hurt their feelers and hit the nail on the head!! They are not involved in Angies life last time Kayla talked with Angie was her birthday for two minutes. Her mom calls her on her birthday and major holidays. Her grandparents never call they did write her a letter and sent her a birthday towel this year. Now kayla calls threatning becuase I told her aunt and mom angie was not coming up there until Kayla straightend her act up . I have all the texts and voice mails exchanged . EVERY Threatning one... telling me how she is sending us to jail and filing on her dad for the "things he did" going to have our kids taken away and make our lives hell...and they all let her do this ! Oh and that doesnt take the cake..she got a job for a week, went and stayed a week with some guy named Patrick in Shamrock for a week. All that is ok so I told them We arent playing there games anymore and how far does she have to plunge before someone resposible steps in? WE are suppose to let our daughter Angie go be in the middle of this . DAD says NO , I her MOM says NO! When Kayla starts acting right she can visit them again , but not until then. I tell them how None of them are in angies life and guess what kayla called but I wasnt home to let her talk to angie so I was cussed and she was filing harrasment and taking my texts to her aunt to the courthouse. Then today I get an email from the grandmother asking if my email was the same and phone number .. Magical They all need to take responsibility for
their actions . KAYLA is not the onl child in that family! I only blogged half of it , but if your really interested you can email I will tell the whole truth!
Sorry needed to vent!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

good ,the bad and the ugly

Wow it seems like forever! my computer has been down . luckily my brother bought me this lap top. ALOT has been going on in our lives ..been really crazy but it builds character!I will just name a few...
We now have an official senior in highschool
We went on vacation in colorado
Our neighbor started carrying a gun becuase he found out our dog is a pitbull
The kids will start school in a few days
Robbyn and Logan came to live with my brother
My grandma Got really sick
Lyman found a really great job he loves
L.lyman started football
Mark is an idiot still
Kayla moved out of her moms and is being uggggly to everyone
Lyman applied for a job didnt get it but then three weeks later the guy who did was killed on the job
Family reunion is coming
We are survivors that is what makes us REAL
Abbi decided not to play basketball this year and do choir fully
L.Lyman is going to intermediate school
Angie finally is getting her disability
We had a great 4th of july party
My family is still the most wonderful family in the world
I love my husband and kids with all my heart
Found a new church that we really enjoy
etc... just to name a few of the good the bad and the ugly
anyhow see if ths blog makes it to where it needs to go!
Austa la Pasta baby