Tuesday, August 11, 2009

good ,the bad and the ugly

Wow it seems like forever! my computer has been down . luckily my brother bought me this lap top. ALOT has been going on in our lives ..been really crazy but it builds character!I will just name a few...
We now have an official senior in highschool
We went on vacation in colorado
Our neighbor started carrying a gun becuase he found out our dog is a pitbull
The kids will start school in a few days
Robbyn and Logan came to live with my brother
My grandma Got really sick
Lyman found a really great job he loves
L.lyman started football
Mark is an idiot still
Kayla moved out of her moms and is being uggggly to everyone
Lyman applied for a job didnt get it but then three weeks later the guy who did was killed on the job
Family reunion is coming
We are survivors that is what makes us REAL
Abbi decided not to play basketball this year and do choir fully
L.Lyman is going to intermediate school
Angie finally is getting her disability
We had a great 4th of july party
My family is still the most wonderful family in the world
I love my husband and kids with all my heart
Found a new church that we really enjoy
etc... just to name a few of the good the bad and the ugly
anyhow see if ths blog makes it to where it needs to go!
Austa la Pasta baby

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