Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorry If I can....

Lets see..I recently humiliated myself..

I asked my "real" father for help in a matter that I need dire help with. Mind you I have never asked this man for anthing except to care about me and my brothers. This matter is very important and I needed him to step up . Without a doubt I recieved the response I was expecting!!! "I am sorry I cant help...but if I can help any other way let me know!" Brought back all those feelings of being dirt under someones feet.

This man was one of those deadbeat dads! We never ever relied on him for anything nor has he ever offered us anything. Mistakes were made to where I tried to have him in my life ..he gave me away at my first marriage which he shouldnt have even been invited. my highschool graduation..I was a terrible person for what I did to my real dad Robbin! It took me until I was 30 to actually realize who my dad is! I regret Even asking EDDIE HUMPHREY for any assistance..becuase to no avail he let me down one last time in my life . I am done with that chapter!
This man doesnt even know us or his grandkids ..His loss really! Good bye I hope that someday you will realize what good people We are and how much you missed out on and are missing out on!

Now I weep!

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