Friday, April 4, 2008


Thirsting for more

Today we all went to the National park...We had fun and found a turtle ,caught minnows and mom could finally not be pointing the camera only at her family....I miss my husband! I cant and dont want to live without him!!



This other group that I am in is UTATA and they are more of an artistic group..this picture is two different pictures that I took and made One life form . I was proud of this one...didnt take much thought being that We are both PYROs lol ..anyhow things are well and this picture Diptych I am proud of!

April 2Nd 1998

My 10 year old!!

Look how handsome!! My baby is growing up..It was just the other day that I was preparing for him to be born into a family of girls! He is a joy in my life and I love him! He is my brat as his sisters say! I have been pouting becuase he is not my baby anymore! I love you brother Happy birthday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to?

Teach me how I add people to my blog,add friends and look for friends and such...I am kinda computer dumb and need special help!

Almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 31st
Application process
Applying for Paramedic down by Fort worth!

April 1st
ABBI my Track STAR!!

March Madness!!

March 27th
Colors Galore!

walking around in walmart..I seen colors as I was picking out the fabric to make Lyman2 a new blanket! he got camo!

March 28th
Stop For bug guts
Taking angie to go see her mom for the weekend! The sign says stop!!

March 29th
Holy Holy

Just wonderful cross! Jesus died for me on a cross!

March 30th
Murphy's Liquor Open

Ironic!!! I love this little car! It is in Chickawsa which is pronounced Chickashay..Shrugging shoulders...We were picking angie up from her Mom this day!

March 25th and 26th

March 25th
seedling cups

I love gardening!! These cups are made from toilet paper rolls. Recycled into seedling cups! They are bio-degradible and in my greenhouse!!

March 26th
Starburst  Coffee

Here is the sun! I left my coffee in my cup one morning and came home and there was a sun in my sun starbucks cup!! I started a group on FLICKR called MyCoffeCup..Look it up and join!!!

March 24th

I heart U suncatcher

This was a stained glass sun catcher given to me by my son! He bought it for me at a garage sale! He knows I love the shiney sparkly things!! I love him he is so special to me!!

March 22nd and March 23rd

March 22nd!!!Canvas of colors

This photo of our yard on the second day of spring! The colors that it have is so beautiful..The photo does it no justice really!It was Kaylas birthday today she was 15..we didnt get to talk to her but we did leave a message!!!

March 23rd

Garden Collection
Easter was fantastic! We went to church and then to Easter party afterwards! The kids had a wonderful time!

March 20th and March 21st

March 20th

Well I am a Pig head and Me and my mom were in an heated arguement this day..I kinda yelled at her when I should not have and she degraded me and what not I got mad and left moms...Needless to say I did not take a picture on this day! It was my Middle brothers 34th birthday..I did call him and he had a great birthday!!

March 21st
Octopus stall

The kiddos and I decided we were going to go on a field trip! We went to the Omniplex in OKC..We had a blast looking at all the gadgets and what nots to do..WE all love science!!!I took this picture when I was well in the stall..I loved the painted walls!!

Catching up March 18th


star window

Well I was on vacation at Moms..I took pictures and now I am trying to catch up! The date is March the 18th and 19th
March 18th
I am a starbucks queen...O how I love my Fraps and a good book!!
Starbucks To go window traveling to moms.


ass anyone

All the kids went to see the BABY donkey! I want one so bad! As soon as we get a place and things I am getting one