Monday, January 24, 2011

GOD Goodly and GOOD GODLY!

I fell trough on my promise to blog everyday but here goes....

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Amazing how good life can be!
We have had a few snags and bridges but all in all LIFE IS GODLY GOOD!

We are living in The Un-Christian era...Christians should attempt to read this book.

Un-Christian by David Kinnaman

Here is some Quotes:
Eight out of ten students participate in church during their teenage years, but most of them will take a permanent detour from active faith at some point soon after they get their driver’s licenses. . . . The vast majority will cross over to the other side; pronouncing Christianity boring, irrelevant, and out of touch. . . . If a young person is not challenged by hands-on personal ministry, their faith will likely be sidetracked and even sabotaged. For some, that hands-on experience is a mission project across the ocean. For others, it’s a role in a family production or a place behind the ladle at a soup kitchen.

But within a decade, most of these young people will have left the church and will have placed emotional connection to Christianity on the shelf. For most of them, their faith was merely skin deep. (page 74)

More of the same lightweight exposure to Christianity, where a decision for Christ is portrayed as simple and costless, will fail to produce lasting faith in young people. (page 76)

Do not want this for my young people! I want to live Godly GOOD!! My Children will live Godly Good ! Forgiving and moving on from where I was yesterday! Dear God please forgive me and Place us where you NEED us most! We want to be Godly People to other Godly and Un godly people! AMEN