Saturday, December 13, 2008


WOW ..I have finally found time to sit for twenty minutes and write in my blog today! Christians Papa is down from the panhandle..he has been going to watch her in the BB tourny..It has been crazy and long! They have been winning , They beat Caton, thursday,El Paso Socorro friday,And grapevine last night and playing Bowie as I type...Then they have another game either this afternoon or tonight for Championship GOLD! this is a huge Tourny...over forty teams..they have been doing really well and we have Great coaches and BB team. I am home becuase Lyman and Abbi have Orfestra and choir concerts all day today..I am excited to watch them ..Lyman has been working really hard on all of this and even has a solo part ! Abbi well we will see if she can not giggle this time...I will report on that later! lol A lady ran over our mail box the other day ..they are just now working on getting it fixed..Actually we were going to this church and I was enjoying it ..Until this lady came and talked to angie getting all up in my business ...SHe just made me feel all uncomfortable about being there(at church) I felt her FAKENESS...and I was feeling guilty for not taking the kids back to the youth program there..well That was the lady that ran into my mail box...come to find out she is ONE of the cars that runs my stop sign and speeds up and down my road ALL of the time! She was suppose to fix the mail box that night which was Wenesday and they are just now getting to it..Not very good at holding her word..I think God is showing me that it was okay not to go back..Priase him!!

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