Monday, December 22, 2008

Big family christmas 08

We had my brothers and sister down this weekend! It was awesome except ~ got sick with a sore throat! Which sucked! There was 32 people at my house most of the weekend. The food was great,Tree was beautiful and company was great. I always miss my brothers and sisters when they are not around! It is like we have not changed only gotten older.. My mom stills cries when We leave.
Angela brought her honey and kids..jason will be going back to iraq in feb. We were all happy that he came! They are a trip lol make me laugh. My sister is a good mom even though she doesn't think so!
Lauren brought his clan . He is still a trip ! Cut his arm pretty good cutting open his sons gift! Remember cut away from you! His family is great and really growing . They are looking at building their new house in four years!
Chad had his bunch down . They all opened their christmas early .He IS SWEET (sometimes) lol and tried to get them the one thing they want the most each year! I think logan and robbyn are going to come live with him soon.
My mom and dad well they just get a kick out of everyone being together.
The church was amazed lol We filled up three pews! Well more later need rest now!

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