Friday, February 4, 2011

To Home school or not to Home school ?

To Home school or not to Home school that is the question?

We are thinking about Home Schooling Abbi and Lyman.  They have some really great programs here that would suit them great. Abbi has always been a mediocre  student BUT is smarter than she lets on and does not like to do the work that leads to the test that leads to passing . Lyman ,He is a good student no complaints really . Never have we based  their educational value on their grades .
 We (I mean I) am constantly battling with Abbi about her grades. I feel that if I have to be such a watch dog over her and the grades that I might as well be the one making sure she is doing her work and taking her tests. By no means are we wanting her to have an easy out . These programs they offer are tough and  very time consuming!

My life long goal has always to been get my children through high school and on to a higher education. I do not want them to have to constantly fight and battle in the crazy world like we have had to do. What kind of an example have  we been if we cant even get her to keep her grades up now there is probably no way she will go to college. Argg mental and physical frustration  has over taken me. SO I am laying it in God's hands. Praying, praying, praying and more praying!

I just need some input from both sides of the fence. I am not asking for arguments or a huge debate.

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