Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Yellow Rose!

My Yellow Rose of a MOM!
Today is my mom's birthday! Yea her!! I am writing this blog just for her.
Many times has she shined ! My mom is a light from God in this world. My mom has done a lot of transforming over the years and adapted to many things happening in her life. Mom is a survivor even in the biggest droughts. She has taught us how to be one as well. If I can say one things about her that is the biggest and best is that no matter what she has always loved us and always will until her last breath.
Mom ,reminds me of a yellow rose! She is bright,delicate,fancy and delightful, but try to break her off her stem and she will poke you with her thorns! She brings joy to me when she is around . She did the best with what she had and I think we all turned out pretty well!! I miss you mom and love you!! Have an AMAZING birthday!!

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