Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LIKE TESTing Testing 123

TESTING ,TESTING....While testing the waters with the medicine I am feeling a little better today! I took it last night before bedtime . Only problem with that was I woke up at 4 am kinda groggy but nothing like those first few days I took it during the day.
Noticing I see things clearer than before..less glazed look!
My heart isn't as heavy and I am more laid back...I mean I haven't sweep the floors twenty times yet today! Don't know if that is GOOD is BAD BAD....I like a clean house! 
I am smiling and laughing more!!!!    Thank God!
ALSO, that I have a lost appetite BUT feel my tummy growl so I eat and that is good so I eat more! WHAT? lol Think I might gain some weight .FOR REAL like I need that!!  Anywhoooooooooooo just an update for anyone listening to the voices in my head!

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