Monday, April 6, 2009

Stinky Teens!

Okay help me out here...
I really need the manual on teens. I looked on their feet when they were born and NO fine print! No one ever told me they would be loving one minute and thinking they could yell @ me and throws mood swings left and right lol It upsets me when they are not considerate and loving to each other! Maybe I have stupid rules or am too tough on them. They want to be grown up so bad !! I want to be young again without worries! Oh well guess I will play it by ear and if they are messed up adults then we will know I failed!

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Rene Shepard said...

Not even sister. You've done a good job with your kids. They are just trying to stretch their wings. I'd put my foot in ass over yelling at you tho. when I stopped jed from yelling at me is when he started to straighten up.