Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dr Blah blah ....job!

So SO my friends we meet again! Many people will read this and go where is the punctuation ,grammar or just all around funness of a blog! WELLLL English was never a strong subject!

I have a on the job interview for three days next week and they need to plan to be wowed! Very competitive @ learning new things! I will be a medical assistant...Dr blah blah...get the patient roomed , charts ,appointments and so on! I am so torn in my head and heart with not getting back on the truck! Needless to say this new job entails long hours 8-7 M-F...or I could get a job working on the truck 36 hours a week with 24 shift and 12? Up side to Med ASS. job they will help with tuition for college..When planning to go to PA school that could be a plus..full benefits after 90 weekends ..There are pluses and negatives for both!
Christian my oldest yard ape finally stopped mooching of us lol she is working @ sonic and loves it.
Just some thoughts today!
Where do we find the subjects to write about if not from everyday life?

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