Wednesday, April 8, 2009

uTaTa Nothingness

Photography is a favorite Hobby of mine. I really enjoy and have a few photos on there. My skills have improved and Projects are getting better and more creative. Well I post and yet only one person in two years has commented on one photo. I am learning they are like a photographer click either your a kiss butt or not. I think I am the not! I disagreed with quite a few of them about photographing Charles Mason. Being in the same room with the devil incarnate is not my thing!! They say things like "not my business what his morals and blah blah were" GIVE ME A BREAK HUMANITY! So all the projects that I have done for this group are now just sitting mildewing..It would be really nice to actually have some recognition for my projects because I do them out of boredom and in the thought I might impress someone important with my photographs.Maybe I just think they are good...But it is a learning experience!
Oh and I am saddend becuase my Pro account has expired(due to NO MONEY) and I have limitations on uploading my photos. :O(

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