Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Two Fasting..

Day Two..

For those of you that have doubted me, I have not been on facebook. My Blog is Google blog but it is linked to my facebook account.It sends it to facebook as a note. Wanna see for yourself visit On ward and upward!

I have done really well! I had to really think about my commitment about what I ate and drank. Drove by a Starbucks and had a real craving!That lucious Frappucino With creamy dreamy whip topping ..yummy!! I think why oh why did I give up coffee?!?!? The facebook thing has yet to be a problem.I do miss some friends I interact with everyday. The constant commitment to be faithful to my fasting has really done me wonders.
Tomorrow I plan to take Angie to the Dr.,Abbi to get her passport photos taken,go to the library print of my Paramedic recert Paper, Lyman's UPS mailing slip to mail his DS back so he can get a new one.LADY POJO in Da house Beat Brewer! Going to a game baby!
My sweet husband is fasting sodas,pops,cola,cokes..he told me today he can really tell the difference without his pepsi nd maybe he needs to get a can of snuff. I say NO NO he has been snuff free for FIVE MONTHS! YES! HEIS A VERY CHANGED MAN!


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