Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Three Fasting..

Day Three..Still doing about the same!

Today the bread factor has hit me. I did however punish myself by fixing a big ol' mess of french toast for my family at breakfast.To my amazement I resisted and had a big ol' bowl of cheerios! yummy..
Got most everything on my list of to-dos done today except the shipping lables for My sons DS. Watched an awesome movie this morning while trying to relax. It is Across the universe. A movie / musical to the beatles songs.It was interesting to say the least about it.
I do miss seeing what my friends are up too . Seems no one talks or texts me unless I am doing it through facebook. But OH well...Still have not been on facebook. YEA!
Lady POJOS skunked Brewer 81-23! They did well.
Angies Dr appt. was uneventful! checked med levels... MRI scheduled for the end of Feb.
Lou is in the hospital , I am trusting and going to believe that God has helped her. Tommorrow I would love to sleep in but...NOT gonna happen lol never does.
Today was a good day and I really tried to put my family first.

Goodnight all I am tired! Austa La pasta

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