Friday, February 29, 2008

Dont Pay Attention to the Wo-Man behind that curtian

Dont Pay Attention to the Wo-Man behind that curtian......
I am one of those! Yes,a why am I here and what is the meaning to life?I have yet to be gratified with the answer. Some might say my husband,kids and so on ...YES I know all those! The over all picture is why I am searching.I am No one of importance,I am different and unique just like the rest of the world!I wish I could say that I have had some really cool things happen in my life,but I can not. I am a plain jane woman. No living in a fantasy world for me for I am a realist. I do feel at times that I am wasting my youth on the boredom of daily life. JUST existing,not living!OR is this the life meant for me...Maybe I cant deal with too much excitement. MAYBE I AM BORING! If I sit around and have to much time to think..I feel I will go insane with these thoughts..When I know I am a happy outgoing person. I have to much time on my hands.
Sometimes I just feel alot of anger! I want to screammmmmmmm out help me! Why am I angry? I have a good life.
Sometimes I feel lost and hopeless...why I know where I am and where I am going!
Sometimes I feel alot of resentment towards others. Altough I would not even want or need to be them.
Are these just natural human feelings ?
I am not depressed or bi-polar..or even skitz..just a normal average everyday woman needing to be stimulated!

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

hey, why is there a warning that your blog is objectionable? i just see a normal mom. tell the fam hey for us.