Saturday, March 15, 2008

365 Project

I since since started taking my aggressions out on taking photos. This project is something that is great for me taking at least one photo a day for a full year that represents that day in my life. Here goes! I started on March the 13th 2008 with this photo
bee happy

This was Thursday walk 100 ..I of course took off walking around the yard and found this pretty bee ...along with alot if his friends. I snapped his picture and then scooted away pretty fast.
March 14th, Track started!
running her buns off

She did great and ran her heart out!!
March 15th

lighting of the ceremonial fire

My birthday is today...I slept in late for a change and then was brought breakfast in bed!!! French toast and coffee!! My husband made the toast and abbi made the coffee! How fantastic are they!! Christian,Angie and Abbi then baked this wonderful cake that you see in the photo! It was funny I have been telling the girls that I am 34 with a remainder of 1 lol so they both thought I was 34!! it was a great great day! my son made me a bear out of clay and a plaque that says happy birthday mom! They are so wonderful to me.

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

hey are you guys back in texas yet? i hope your bday was great. i like the idea behind the photos. you're quite talented with the lens