Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the Beginning!

Couponing is not an easy task to take on but if you have these few simple rules that I have been following then it makes it worth your time and money.

1) NEVER buy anything that is not on sale !
2) NEVER buy anything that does not have a coupon!
3) No one really needs 100 bottles of tylenol unless they are a food bank.
4)Do not I repeat do not go into a store with more money than you plan on spending and your list.
5) Many companies have Rain Checks take them up on them
6) Shop online the weekly ads for the best deals

NEVER NEVER NEVER buy just because you have a coupon!

This is Challenging ! I am an impulse and day by day shopper..Meaning I go to the store everyday for meals.
I have stopped doing this completely.  
Today I took my Rain Check,plus my coupons for Bic Soleil  to Walgreens .

Razers 6.59
coupons 3.00
bogo1/2 off 2.00
Paid .74 cents for two packs of razers

I have literally halved all my shopping bills just by doing this!! Remember Smart shopping = Super savings!!


kafkan said...

Also, you really have to research a bit before you buy. A sale is often not really a sale. Android has aps which use the camera to scan the barcode and then google the product so you can see the online prices.

Ebay is often a really good deal for items you can wait a day or two.

Kym said...

I agree !