Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Cleaning tips~

Well how about that Kym has learned how to clean ....
These are some tips to help do it more naturally then those harsh chemicals that we use now days. I have found that I have a severe sensitivity to smells and spray chemicals. In other words..I am ALLERGIC to Febreeze!! Yes , Ladies it is true. I so not run around with a cough as I did when I was using Febreeze all the time.. Here we go!

Household odors: Ie..Bacon, urine,dusty, musty etc..
 Simply mix vinegar and water into a spray bottle , spray your room or floors or fabrics with it. It will smell like vinegar for a bit , but let me tell you after wards is odorless.
Urine Stains: I do love (insert plug) Kids n Pets, you can get it at Walmart. I should get paid for that and I would if I had more than 2 readers.  Here is a kinda cheaper and more natural way to go about cleaning those stains. Borax mixed with water as a paste rub on stain, beds, carpets etc..and let dry then vacuum it up. VIOLA!
BORAX has so many different uses~ You can buy a box and read about the different things you can clean with it..It costs about $2 dollars a box compared to $4 for one cleaning product! SAY WOW! say it again! It will save your household MONEY! 
Arm & Hammer Baking soda is good and cheap as well has many uses..I use it to clean counter tops, carpets,Silver sinks that get stained. Also, It is the SECRET in those expensive Magic Erasers..Oh yeah!
My ladies READ LABELS!!  take Baking soda mix it with water and clean walls, fridges, many many things..I am truly so excited to share this with you Ladies.. 

:0) Let me hear from you about some of your tips!!

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