Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Racist Vs. Racist

Yesterday listening to the Christian radio and what do I hear?
People complaining about how most WHITES assume most BLACKS voted for BHO. What flipping CRAP! I know whites that voted for him! I did not vote for BHO!! My decisions in voting were not based off of his color! The constant Racism going on Between both races is getting to be ridiculous. I am a little miffed to the fact that It wasn't a Presidential Color race. When there is a WHITE man voted back into the Presidency ...you won't hear the Whites going Wow it is amazing we have a white man in the white house again ! Lol THINK that sounds racist?
WE all have to get along ! GET over your color! I am concerned about how the GOV is being ran and the moral values that go with it!!!
Blacks /whites ,Brown/purple,Yellow/red? Who cares...Remember Racists breed Racism on both races part!!
Just frustrating really!! I will not be attacked because of my color and That I didn't vote for BHO!

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