Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ang Going to her moms

Jealousy sometimes hurts when you have to compete for a childs love on a continuous basis. I am the one that cares for Angie everyday,rain or shine, when she is sick or when she is having a bad day. Her real MOM hardly never calls her or sees her, does not help in any way with supporting her. BUT when she calls or is going to visit it is like I am left out in the cold..I almost do not exsist. I feel I get no credit for what It is I do with angie..I get sick of her mom always being the Good MOM in her eyes!!!When her Mom is never there for her!! I know it is not angies fault, she thiks she is still 4. And it definately gets drilled in angies mind that I am her step mom and I cant be her mom. That is fine..then I say step up and be a mom!!!Go to her parties at school, make her some cupcakes to take...when she has an accident at school be the one to take her what she needs.All she does when she calls her or sees her is totally disrupt her mind and life. it is almost like Angie reverts back to being a baby instead of moving forward.I just get tired of the ex BS all of the time.

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